Gameweek 22 in Review

Yikes. I came close to finally getting that elusive green arrow, but once again, I finish above average and still fall in ranks. That being said, I was only one point above average, but the point still stands. Finishing all out with 58 points saw me fall 22k ranks down to 791,379. My captaincy choice was bold, as I predicted Soton to be a much tougher opponent this time round, but I seem to have chosen the wrong differential. Things could have been much worse. I’ll take a deep dive into my players to see what’s happened this week.


Vincente Guaita: 3 points

Another week, another 3. It’s definitely better than Gazza, but Palace seems to have a tendency to just concede the one goal every single game. Gazza does seem to consistently chip in with a save point though.

Michael McGovern: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Joe Gomez: 6 points

Ahh my boy Jomez, once again doing me proud. Not his best game in terms of actual football, he took an early yellow for a tactical foul. However, he still managed to play so well that he got a bonus point, despite the yellow. Once again, putting up the same points as Trent, at 2.2 million cheaper.

Caglar Soyuncu: 1 point

Called it. I called it. Leicester do not look the same at the back following the injury to Ndidi and Schmeichel’s save percentage is returning back to the norm. I certainly am not looking to get rid, but eventually his ‘guaranteed’ starting spot in my team might come into question.

John Lundstram: 6 points

Clean. Machine. However, pastures are not looking very green for Lord Lundstram. A poor attacking performance with a very low pass completion rate (63%) is seeing his spot in the lineup questioned. Many fans are calling for him to be replaced by the insurgent Besic. Say it ain’t so.

Martin Kelly: 2 points

Wasteman. I feel like I say the same thing every week. Just worthless, and doesn’t even get save points like Guaita. Will be going to the bin in the near future.

Diego Rico: 0 points

Speaking of the bin…. After being subbed last week at halftime following a woeful performance, he was excluded entirely from the lineup this week. The Cherries are in freefall, and I don’t think I want any part of them.


Kevin de Bruyne: 9 points

This time round Pep did play him as Deep Royne, but despite the defensive positioning, he still banged. An absolutely sublime second assist saw the Belgian maestro rack up a healthy 9 points before being subbed around the 60th minute, allowing him to keep his clean sheet point.

Sadio Mane (C): 3 points

This was a tad frustrating. I just wasn’t feeling the Vardy captain this week and really fancied a differential, but among my three options, KDB, Rashford and Mane, I chose the worst. He played quite well on the day, but his defensive work-rate really stood out. He was tracking so far back to recover the ball that he often wasn’t up the pitch in time for the counter attacks. On a different day, he could have converted his headed chance. Oh well, now I’ve got both of the Liverpool wingers so I’ll be covered no matter what.

James Maddison: 2 points

Southhampton good. Leicester bad. One week Maddo runs the show, the next he’s the amazing vanishing man. As said before, my team’s fate is irreversibly intertwined with Leicesters, so I hope they can pick it up soon.

Leander Dendoncker: 10 points

Above and beyond. I had an inkling he would do well, so I put him first on my bench. I guess I should have shown a bit more faith. A nice ten point haul is unexpected for a player like him, and to reward him, I’ll be starting him next week. Okay maybe I have no choice.

Dele Alli’s Brother: 2 points

The only thing this man has done since coming into my side is Del-stroy my rank. A quintessential FPL trap. I’ve sold him without a seconds hesitation and have now fully washed my hands of all spurs assets.


Jamie Vardy: 5 points

A nice pass, but not enough. Jamie Vardy didn’t shoot this game and was well marshaled by the Soton backline. Three bad weeks in a row for Jamie, I know its sacrilegious to even think of shipping him, but I may want Ings eventually.

Tammy Abraham: 6 points

A nice send off. It seems rude to get rid of Tammy after he returns points for the third week running, but he got lucky and the points are just barely trickling in. I had to downgrade him to a special someone to allow Mohamed Salah back into my team.

Marcus Rashford: 12 points

My strikers 18 with a hightop, man’s looking like Marcus Rashford! There we go! The jammy pen I was pleading for and a tap in. Rashy boy has done really well for me since bringing him in, glad that I have this differential. Kinda.

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