Gameweek 7 in Review

Another good gameweek! What a luxury. I finished this week on a comfortable 60 points, a full ten above the average. This resulted in yet another green arrow, bringing me up to 408k, meaning the damage of my disastrous post-wildcard gameweek is almost undone. For once it seems like there were clean sheets aplenty again, hopefully this trend will continue in the upcoming games. I’ll be looking at each of my players individually to analyze how they performed this week.


Adrian: 5 points

Finally, my punt on the cut rate Liverpool goalkeeper paid off, with Adrian nabbing a clean sheet. He did also somehow manage to sour it by grabbing a yellow. There is probably only one week left until Allison returns, so unless he bangs next week, i’ll have to describe this experiment as a bit of a bust

Michael McGovern: 2 points

What?! Finally, due to a double injury, my man Michael actually gets to play! He only got two points, but i’m very happy for him. This is probably the only time I’ll be writing about him for the entire season, so I hope you enjoyed it.


Trent Alexander-Arnold: 6 points

This game was somewhat disappointing on the attacking front, as Liverpool only managed to score through a Henderson howler, but it was as easy a clean as you can get.

Nicolas Otamendi: 1 point

You win some and you lose some. Everton deservedly got a goal in this game, and hothead Otamendi got a yellow to boot. Not the best performance but I see plenty of cleans in that sweet run of fixtures.

Caglar Soyuncu: 6 points

Masterclass. Leicester absolutely battered the Magpies 5-0, and Caglar was a rock at the back, perhaps reaching the level of the departed Maguire already! He seems like the standout cheap defensive option in the next weeks, as after the Liverpool game, Leicester will be swimming in a sea of green.

John Lundstram: 2 points

Look, nobody expected anything going to Anfield, and Sheffield came damn close to a 0-0 draw. That’s good enough for me, I’ve been really impressed by how solid they’ve looked at the back. He’s still staying on my bench though.

Diego Rico: 0 points

New boy on the team impresses with a big first haul. Or not. He conceded 2 and got a yellow for a big fat 0. I didn’t get him for cleans though, I just wanted a mug to sit on my bench, and if he’s playing that’s good enough for me.


Mohamed Salah: 3 points

For once my last minute captain switchery did not bite me on my ass. Salah somewhat predictably blanked against the defensively resolute Sheffield, and he’s looked a bit out of sorts for the last few games. Seriously considering shipping him out until Liverpool are over these bad fixtures.

Kevin de Bruyne(c): 9 points

OH KEVIN DE BRUYYYNE! Another stellar performance from the Belgian beauty saw him bag two assists, albeit one of them coming from drawing a direct free kick that was banged in by Mahrez. Hes the most in form player in the league and probably my go to Man City captaincy shout, as Sterling has shown himself to be somewhat too inconsistent.

Raheem Sterling: 7 points

Finally, Sterling’s run of blanks comes to a close. He scored a goal that banged straight down after hitting the underside of the crossbar, and could have scored another one earlier if his head was in the game. No way i’m selling the lad anytime soon, but it will take a bit more for me to trust him again.

Mason Mount: 6 points

A nice first haul for the new boy in the squad, this time i’m not being sarcastic! I have been very harsh on Mason in the past, but I couldn’t go without a Chelsea player for this excellent run, and i’m even more unconvinced of Tammy Abraham. Looking forward to a steady stream of small returns like this from Mount.

Todd Cantwell: 2 points

Norwich are shaping up to be a bit of a Jekyl and Hide type team. Electric against top teams, turgid against crap sides. Red hot at home and absolutely stinking away. Todd had an okay game and could have scored were it not for a very clutch tackle, but I think from now on I’ll be leaving him on the bench for all away fixtures.


Sebastien Haller: 5 points

Oh boy! The big man finally got some points, sure it was the least he could possibly get with just a measly assist, but it’s a step in the right direction. I have a lot of faith in the man due to his performances in the Bundesliga, so I have no plans of taking him out. I just hope he repays that faith real soon.

Ashley Barnes: 2 points

And that’s a hat trick! A hat trick of consecutive blanks that is. Just to add insult to injury, the man I shipped out for him, Joshua King, somehow remembered how to be a footballer and scored 24 points in these last 3 weeks. This may be the last time the big “Austrian” graces my team. Tschüss Ade!

Teemu Pukki: 2 points

Is the party over? Who knows. I think i’ll be keeping him on, but I’ll consider benching him during away games. So far he’s hauled in every one of his home games, and this upcoming home fixture against Villa will be a good experiment to see if its the venue or the opposition that’s giving him so much trouble.

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