Gameweek 37+ in Review

Yes, quite a bit delayed, I know. Gameweek 37+ is when I played my final chip of the season, my bench boost, to pretty good effect! This shot me up quite a bit in rank to around 108k, and I finished with a total of 88 points in the gameweek. Although it was quite disappointing to have two 0 pointers, essentially limiting my bench boost to an extra 2 players, I was still satisfied. Let’s take a look at what happened.


Nick Pope: 6 points

A very easy clean against Norwich, where he had almost nothing to do, as their primary creator and starting striker got red cards within a ten minute stretch in the first half.

Alex McCarthy: 7 points

When I finally call, he answers! I was absolutely raging when a last second goal went in from Bournemouth, but luckily VAR finally came to the rescue and disallowed it. He has been a good servant and I’m very pleased he returned the one time I needed him!


Matt Doherty: 12 points

The Doctor! Two weeks in a row, he saves me and my week! I was previously criticizing him for his lack of attacking impetus, but he came back with a lovely assist and pulled a massive 12 points. This will probably push him to an unaffordable level next year, but I thank him for his loyal service.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 13 points

This is why you don’t sell Trent. A beauty of a free kick and a sublime cross got him a massive haul, even without a clean sheet. The lack of cleans is somewhat alarming, as it seems that the wheels have really fallen off the well oiled machine that was Liverpool football club.

Kevin Long: 6 points

This was a bad choice. I wanted a safe choice of Burnley defender, in case Taylor returned for the final week. Long got a safe clean but Pieters got an assist and 3 bonus for a massive haul, lesson learned, always go for the fullback.

Kiko Femenia: 0 points

I was legitimately worried about him getting negative points, so I’ll take this as a positive.

Roman Saiss: 0 points

Very annoying that he was randomly benched this week of all weeks, but almost everyone had him so it wasn’t too much of a thorn in my side.


Bruno Fernandes: 1 point

Bruno finally blanks, with no penalty to paper over the cracks. This was perhaps his 5th stinker performance in a row, and i’m starting to really dislike him as a player. I cannot wait for his 11 million price tag so I can exclude him from my team next year.

Kevin de Bruyne: 6 points

Pretty quiet performance from KDB, while City steamroll once again. I’m not liking the deeper positions he has been inhabiting as of late, Pep needs to unleash him from defensive duties and allow him to to spray his lethal through balls into the final third.

Anthony Martial (C): 5 points

I trusted Tony Bones with the armband for the first time since restart, and he didn’t blank, so I’m not too upset. It is starting to annoy me, that in the 6 weeks since my Aubameyang captain, I’ve never gotten more than an assist from my captain. Hopefully that changes in the final gameweek.

Mohamed Salah: 5 points

The decline of Salah really illustrates what’s happening with Liverpool. He had a plethora of chances, and still fails to convert. Maybe his confidence is shot or he just doesn’t care, but the golden boot is now firmly out of grasp.

Michail Antonio: 9 points

This transfer was pure gold and has taught me the value of jumping on form players. This return was lucky though, as he took his first penalty in years, to reach a 10 goal salary bonus. Thanks Mark Noble, you saved my season!


Gabriel Jesus: 2 points

People are in two camps about Jesus, I personally believe in him. This was a hard day though. Huge chances squandered and he played a full 90. Lets hope he still manages to outscore Jimenez and justifies my hit.

Mason Greenwood: 9 points

My baby boy! Finally he scores, and I have him in my team! So proud of him, he is an elite finisher and has a bright future ahead of him.

Eddie Nketiah: 2 points

The duality of Arsenal, beat City and Liverpool, then lose to Villa. A forgettable performance from Eddie, so glad I kept hold of him.

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