Gameweek 30+ in Review

After months of waiting, I’m back and so is FPL! It certainly came back with a bang and all this uncertainty has given this game a feel like its never had before. I decided to take this opportunity to play my free hit chip, as I was very happy with my starting team. I ended up finishing with 96 points all out, while a season high, is still quite disappointing for me. That would be because I had 65 after two games and had a lot of terrible one point showings to follow it up. Lets take a look at what went right and what went wrong.


Dean Henderson: 13 points

Once again, the legend deano has come in clutch for me. However, it realy was the tale of two games for him, racking up 11 points in the first fixture then putting up two in the second, although none were his fault.

Freddie Woodman: 0 points

Didn’t play.


John Lundstram: 5 points

I chose him as an insurance pick, since his ownership was so high, but I can really say at this point that the age of Lunny is over. He took a yellow in the first game and lost his spot to Berge in the next. Goodbye forever sweet prince.

George Baldock: 7 points

They weren’t actually that solid in the first game, but were bailed out by some brilliant Henderson saves. It all came crashing down with the Egan red in game two, but with suspensions and injuries looming, I don’t see value in keeping Sheffield defenders.

Matt Doherty: 12 points

He’s done good by me again. I picked him up before the break and he kept a spot in my Free hit team, and I’m glad he did. There were several times in this game where he was the most advanced player on the pitch, reminiscent of Alonso years past. I would classify him as a must own for the run in.

Marcos Alonso: 2 points

Dreadful. My Chelsea punts were both woeful and I had such high expectations. It seemed like he was very uninvolved in contrast to his counterpart Azpi, who picked up two assists. Glad I don’t own him permanently.

Max Kilman: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Jack Grealish: 4 points

The mandatory DGW player and the only Villa player of note. Also a massive stinker. Teams have figured out that if you control Jack, you neuter the Villa attack. They were certainly neutered over these two games. Also loved it when he got a yellow in the 95th minute of the Chelsea game to make his score just a little bit more pathetic.

Raheem Sterling: 10 points

He finally broke his goal drought, as he capitalized on a David Luiz error. Unfortunately he let me down and didn’t play in the second fixture.

Kevin de Bruyne(C): 5 points

Brilliant in the first game, like he never even took a break. Took another pen, which confirms they belong to him now, even though Aguero wasn’t on the pitch. Only got a cameo in the second game.

Matteo Guendouzi: 4 points

2 two point performances, with nothing of not besides his throttling of Maupay in the dying moments of the fixture.

Andy King: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Pierre-Emeric Aubameyang: 4 points

A disgrace. I have had it with him. So many putrid performances in my team over the last weeks from one of the most expensive players in the game.

Sergio Kun Aguero: 8 points

Despite barely playing and picking up a season ending injury, Kun still managed to lay on 2 assists. Truly one of the elite, and best the league has ever seen.

Tammy Abraham: 1 point

Benched, then was useless when coming on. He was woeful and I deeply regret having any faith in the Chelsea attack.

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