Gameweek 26 in Review

I took a big risk this week, and lets just say it didn’t exactly pay off. I chose to go for the bold differential of Mahrez against West Ham when Salah was such an obvious choice. First the rescheduling of the game made me look like a mug, but Salah’s blank gave me hope that I had chosen correctly, only to see Mahrez rested the entire game and the captaincy switch to Salah anyways. Oh well. Only a minor red arrow this week as I finished on 58 points and went down to rank 590k. Let’s have a look at what happened.


Dean Henderson: 2 points

Well he can’t spike a big score every week, and he has another start coming up for me before I need to get a backup, due to his blank in 28 (and 31). Will probably go McCarthy.

David Button: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Jack Stephens: 1 point

This was annoying. Were Soton simply overperforming, because the cleans don’t look as secure now. It was especially painful to see Lunny scoring off the bench and rewarding the loyalty others have shown him. Lets get it together Jack.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: 7 points

Ah Trent. I watched this game and it looked like he didn’t really do that much, yet he still got a bone from his 500 attempted crosses. Liverpool look so good for cleans now and I’m thrilled to have the double up.

Joe Gomez: 8 points

Joemez is my man. I jumped on early and it has been so incredibly worth it. That’s another consecutive clean and two bonus points for the magnetic man. He is sure to be 6.0 or more next year but I’ll honestly consider him, even though he has no goal threat whatsoever.

Jamaal Lascelles: 0 points

I was blinded by the sea of green fixtures and forgot that Newcastle are still Newcastle. They conceded 2+ xG for most of the last fixtures, and got absolutely walloped 4-0 by Arsenal. I have made the decision to ship him for reasonably-priced Saiss.

Brandon Williams: 5 points

Right when I thought I had wasted a spot, he returns to the lineup and cleans! What a little gem. If he continues starting he will get a run in my team when Utd’s fixtures turn around GW31.


Mohamed Salah (C): 3 points

I felt this blank in my bones. It was clear and obvious. Luckily, many shared in my fate, and had he hauled I would be very happy to have the cap switch to him now.

Kevin de Bruyne: 14 points

I chose the wrong man. I new I wanted to cap a City player, and just thought that Riyad was so much more explosive. Kevin was brilliant, as I say every week. Goal, Assist and max Bones. Unplayable on his day and it seems like his day is every single weekend.

Anthony Martial: 8 points

Tony Gloves! I had written this off as a failure and planned to ship him for Traore this week. I know I shouldn’t be blinded by points and look at his shoddy underlying numbers, but I just can’t bring myself to ship this OOP striker for a top 8 side. Lets hope he continues to bang them in.

Riyad Mahrez: 0 points

Ah the tragedy. You always gotta risk it for the biscuit, but I got no biscuit. One more week in my team, you better haul or this will be one of my worst ever punts.

Isaac Hayden: 1 point

Didn’t really want him to start, but Newcastle are dross and I don’t really hold this score against him.


Jamie Vardy: 2 points

12 points in the last 8 fixtures. This is beyond awful. I seem to have a real problem when it comes to choosing to ship previously reliable assets, and this time I have held on far too long. I’m gonna hold into the nice fixtures, but bench him against City, so expect his first haul in months.

Danny Ings: 7 points

DINGS! The curse is broken, and he returns for me. Keep it going! The upcoming home fixture to Villa could be a real differential captaincy opportunity, but dare I risk it? I think not.

Raul Jimenez: 2 points

I have had the misfortune of watching both of the last Wolves games, both ending 0-0. This time however, he really passed the eye test. Many big chances to score will hopefully translate into some returns for the upcoming easy fixtures.

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