Gameweek 12 in Review

After a delay caused by two midterms on the same day, I am back and on track with my gameweek 12 review! This past weekend was also quite busy for me, so I was unable to watch any of the games on Saturday. It sure was a lovely feeling to come back and see that I had spiked a 65 point week and secured a nice green arrow, shooting me back up to rank 396,882. I’ll be looking at each of my player’s scores individually to see what went right!


Paulo Gazzaniga: 3 points

Unfortunate. Sheffield United is a tough fixture for all teams now, and he had the clean secured up until the 70th minute or so. He still managed to snag a save point, unfortunately everyone who still held on to Pope was rewarded with a fat 9 points. Oh well, Paulo looks like the better option going forward.

Michael McGovern: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Trent Alexander-Arnold: 2 points

The one game I did watch, much to my chagrin, was City vs Liverpool. A turgid performance from City saw the Liverpudlians run out rightful winners, but on a day with sharper finishing, it could have been a lot more even score-wise. TAA was quite poor defensively, getting burned by Sterling over and over, but he was sensational going forward, playing a lovely long ball to Robbo, who then set up Salah for the second goal. With Robbo’s injury, Trent is looking better than ever.

Jetro Willems: 2 points

This was a punt. I look back at this and think, “why the hell did I do this?” He did get forward a bit this game, which is what I wanted, but Lascelles came off with a long term injury halfway through the fixture, which will seriously hamper their clean potential going forwards. I may have to shift him out, transfer wasted.

Caglar Soyuncu: 8 points

Big man Farquaad! 3 banger point hauls in a row for the Turk now, I must say getting him in at 4.5 is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. Leicester are irresistible, and he is the pick of the back line, and will be a nailed on starter in my side for the sea of green they are now entering.

John Lundstram: 2 points

Ya can’t always win. Annoyingly, his clean was wiped then a grand total of two minutes passed before Gazza’s clean was wiped. I just wanted a 0-0 for this game, but that was too much to ask for.

Diego Rico: 1 point

The gravy train had to end at some point. Bournemouth are defensively suspect and the run of cleans they had was nothing short of a miracle. Rico is still an offensive gem and likes to hoover up the bonus points, so I’m not gonna hold a score like this against him.


Kevin de Bruyne: 2 points

Manchester City was impotent on Sunday. Kevin wasn’t. He played brilliantly this game, and really could have had a number of assists if certain other players could finish. Near the end, he was essentially playing the center forward role, and doing a pretty good job of it.

Mohamed Salah: 8 points

More Salad finally gets an open play goal. During the first half, he was the Salah of yore, making threatening runs off the counter and causing all sorts of mayhem, eventually leading to his perfect header goal. Unfortunately he was chopped down by a truly picture perfect challenge from Fernandinho, and sustained an injury to his ankle. Reports are saying he may be out, forcing a swap to his teammate Mane, but for all we know this could also be a case of international fever. Wait and see.

Mason Mount: 3 points

Oh Mason, I feel like i’m saying the same thing about you every week. He came close to scoring and got in threatening positions, but he didn’t. Meanwhile his teammates Tamela and the American are running riot and putting up huge xG numbers to boot. I need coverage for the upcoming Chelsea fixtures and Mason may not be the man for the job.

Raheem Sterling: 2 points

Razza did well. Historically, he’s always rattled at Anfield, as they boo his every touch to this day. He left four years ago, and for some reason the scousers are still boiling piss about it. On the day, he was very threatening down the left flank, burning Trent many times and almost scoring. He then got into a bit of an altercation with Joe Gomez, which continued on international duty, where 5’6″ Raheem throttled 6’2″ Joe and said “Are you still the big man?” Get in Razza, that was worth getting dismissed from international duty for.

James Maddison: 9 points

A few weeks ago I considered selling James, because he played so incredibly deep in the midfield. I’m glad I didn’t, because he has returned three weeks in a row for me. He’s basically a de Bruyne lite, and with the form Leicester are in, a must keep.


Jamie Vardy (C): 12 points

Oh boy am I glad that I got him in. His ownership percentage and price is rising like a rocket, and for good reason. This was a typical Vardy performance, he did almost nothing, barely contributing to play at all, until he got his one chance, and he put it away. It was a truly beautiful chance too, this team is absolute electricity. I would be very scared to not own the man.

Aaron Connolly: 1 point

Didn’t expect much from him, so I didn’t start him. Looks like I was right. He’s a good bench mug, but due to his slightly higher price, I may have to use him as a make-way in an upcoming transfer, which is a shame because I think hes much more likely to return points than little Mason.

Mason Greenwood: 1 point

The Eliud Kipchoge of running jokes keeps on running. One day, he will get those two points, and boy will I have something nice to say about him here.

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