Gameweek 28 in Review

Well what goes up, must come down. I knew this was coming eventually, and it seems like almost everyone had a stinker this week. Its quite reassuring to only drop 50k when I finish on 24 points. I moved down to rank 469,663 after a horrendous gameweek. Once again, Pope was a thorn in my side, with his haul separating me from those who did okay this gameweek. I had actually planned for this blank for quite some time so the random benchings were very frustrating to me. However, let us not forget, Liverpool Lost! AND CITY KEEP THE WIN RECORD! A terrible week in Fantasy terms was one of the best in raw footballing ones. Let’s take a look at what went wrong.


Alex McCarthy: 2 points

Southhampton were bad. Really bad. McCarthy also had a major blunder leading to a goal, and now there are rumblings that he will be dropped. I’m worried that they’re on the beach, and this has left me with a major benching headache for the next week. Whoever I don’t choose, is sure to haul. I’m ready to see a ten pointer looking at me from the bench.

Dean Henderson: 0 points

Blank, didn’t play.


Trent Alexander-Arnold: 1 point

Hahahahahahahaha. Liverpool have been found out, Simeone is in their heads and the wheels have fallen off the bus. They really were deserved losers on the day, offering nearly nothing going forward. Trent was especially poor, being beaten a total of 22 times in the game.

Jack Stephens: 0 points

Like I said, Soton were bad, and I was dumb to trust them. His yellow was just a cherry on top. I don’t feel good with the triple up, so I might be losing him in the very near future.

Roman Saiss: 1 point

While all the other Wolves players were running riot and putting up big hauls, Boly and Saiss quietly put up 1 pointers. Not too mad though, he’s been good. I just want Doherty so much more…

Brandon Williams: 1 point

Big ups to brandon, coming on for one minute and allowing me to field 11 players. I’ll take what I can get.

Joe Gomez: 0 points

Benched out of nowhere. He has let me down. Hopefully he will be okay soon, but with Allison reported out now, the double defense strategy doesn’t seem viable at all. The woeful performance by Lovren has hopefully secured Joemez’s spot in the 11.


Kevin de Bruyne: 0 points

Kevin de Blanke

Mohamed Salah (C): 3 points

Liverpool offered nothing going forward. 0.20 xG is pathetic, the first time they have put up under 1 xG in the league this season. This is the kind of performance Huddersfield would put up last year. Despicable. I haven’t been captaining Salah out of any expectation of points, just out of fear. He has been out of sorts for a while now.

Anthony Martial: 2 points

Well look who decided to play! OGS came out and said he was injured, then started him! Didn’t really matter as he did nothing, but these kind of mind games from OGS are beyond frustrating. Those who shifted sideways to Bruno because of the news are probably happy, as him and Pope were the only players with any real ownership to record 10+ performances on the weekend.

Isaac Hayden: 3 points

Depressingly, the highest score of my midfielders came from the don Hayden. Big ups my man, came in clutch when I needed ya, but a goal to wipe the Burnley clean would have been even better!

Harvey Barnes: 2 points

My big punt, up in smoke! I even wrote an article hyping him up, so no wonder he fell flat on his face. Leicester, were terrible. He shot a few times, but couldn’t put them on target. Really frustrating performance, hope he manages to put it together against Villa, which is the easiest fixture of the season on paper.


Jamie Vardy: 0 points

Injured, out of nowhere, and benched. I said that this was his last chance, and I meant it. He is out of my team. I should have done this 8 weeks ago. He will haul, 100%, I don’t even care. This is for my own mental well-being, I cannot have him in my team any longer. His heatmaps are also terrible, he barely spends time in the box anymore. I’m gonna be chasing cheques from this week on.

Danny Ings: 1 point

Left on the bench, and subbed on for 25. Like I said twice before, Soton were very bad, and the form of Dings has dried up, exactly when I bought him. The beach thing is a real worry, as they have nothing to play for. I’m considering a shift to DCL, as Everton have to push now for European football and can’t give up. That’s a few weeks down the road now that they blank in 31, thanks to a brilliant Tottenham bottle. Let’s hope Dings can recapture some of the magic.

Raul Jimenez: 7 points

My Man! My only return! He is Mr. Consistent, and I don’t know what I would do without him. His strike partner found even more joy once again, recording a MASSIVE 1.34 xG to Raul’s 0.65 (which is still pretty good). I won’t shift him, out of loyalty, but maybe a double up would be more prudent than DCL.

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