Gameweek 2 in Review

This week contained some highs and some lows, but getting 59 points and a large green arrow has significantly lifted my spirits. Now at a much more respectable rank of 123,574 , the upwards climb must continue. Another big disappointment from Liverpool has me questioning my triple up, but I’ll be giving them another chance to prove their worth. On Sunday morning I awoke in a rage, seeing that fat fraud Frank had again inexplicably benched Barkley, but in the end him staying on the Chelsea bench allowed Lundstram to bring his 14 points off mine and save my otherwise mediocre gameweek. I’ll be going over my players individually below.


Nick Pope: 3 points

Can’t complain really. 3 points away against one of the most potent attacks in the league is plenty. Pope managed 7 saves, getting him those two tasty save points.

Michael McGovern: 0 points

Didn’t play.


Virgil van Dijk: 2 points

While Liverpool only conceded due to the Adrian brainfart, they were very fortunate to not concede again. Really worrying defensive performance allowed Southampton to get loads of good chances, outperforming Liverpool on xG. Van Dijk himself was just okay, no attempted shots or key passes in this game.

Andrew Robertson: 2 points

While Van Dijk was okay, I though Robertson was plain bad. Lost possesion many times and wasn’t sharp at all when it came to chance creation. He took one shot and delivered a weak key pass. Concerning performance overall from Liverpool, maybe double defense isn’t the way forward.


Lucas Digne: 11 points

The man, the myth, the legend Lucas Digne! Top scoring defender in FPL delivers the goods once again and demonstrates why his ownership is so high among FPL veterans. He nabbed an early assist in an otherwise quite slow game, along with a second successive clean sheet to nab 2 bonus points. Worryingly, he hobbled off early as a precaution, and is now undergoing a scan, which does not inspire confidence as Everton play the early fixture on Friday. Get well soon Lucas!

Oleksandr Zinchenko: 1 point

Not great, but it was a game against top 6 opposition. Zinch was a solid Left Back all game, certainly not at risk of losing his spot for a poor performance, but didn’t really bring anything to the table besides that.

John Lundstram: 14 points

FPL legend after two games. Again playing as an attacking mid, he banged a goal, clean sheet and max bonus! Sheffield look really solid at the back and Lundstram is involved in all of their attacks. Dare I say it, he’s essential at 4.0.


Mohamed Salah (C): 3 points

Blech. I thought Liverpool as a whole were poor this week, but Salah looked especially tired after playing 120 minutes midweek. That being said, he still managed 3 shots and 0.41 xG. At least he was the overwhelming favorite for the armband so the blank didn’t end up hurting me all that much.

Raheem Sterling: 6 points

Can’t be too upset with a goal against top 6 opposition, but I really could have done without the needless yellow card and him being caught offside about five times, costing him any chance at bps. Sterling was lively as hell this game, blasting off 6 shots and 2 key passes. He also extended his streak of scoring in every game he has played in since the start of preseason.

Gylfi Sigurdsson: 3 points

Okay now this, I can be upset about. Another mediocre attacking performance from Everton, who have failed to score more than one goal in a game since last season. Sigurdsson did the same as last week, decent underlying stats with little to show for it. I know its only been two weeks and he has the tasty Villa fixture next, but I’ve had enough of him.

Ross Barkley: 0 points

Didn’t play. I was astounded when I saw fat Frank had benched him again, after keeping him on the bench for most of the Super Cup. However, his absence allowed my main man Lunny to come off the bench with 14 points. Nevertheless, into the bin you go Ross, with the rest of the failed punts.


Callum Wilson: 5 points

Another lone assist from the Bournemouth frontman. This time, for drawing a dodgy pen. Once again, Bournemouth looked turgid going forward and I’ve realized that I want no part in their attack, certainly not at the insane price of 8.0, regardless of how good the fixtures are on paper.

Joshua King: 6 points

Look, I don’t mean to be overly negative, but Josh King is just useless. Yes, he grabbed a goal from the spot, but hes so far out on the wing that penalties are his only hope of getting points, which doesn’t sit well with me. The Norwegian Milivojevic does not have much time left in my team, but may survive due to the more pressing nature of other transfers.

Mason Greenwood: 1 point

Another late cameo from Greenwood, still working his way up to the lofty threshold of 2 points. Keep going buddy, you’ll make it one day!

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