Harvey Barnes

Harvey Barnes (5.5) is an attacking midfielder that has recently burst onto the scene with Leicester. Despite looking like he’s about 14 years old, hes proven himself to be somewhat useful, although he is yet to score a goal. In 631 minutes, he has racked up 2 assists. I have a feeling that he will be a fantastic asset for the remainder of the season, so I will take a deep dive into his statistics to see if the returns will keep on rolling in.

Harvey has managed to put up 2.40 xG, indicating a significant under-performance of 2.40 expected goals, and has laid on 1.36 xA for his teammates, which is an over-performance of 0.64 expected assists. It’s very promising to see these numbers compared to his actual stats, which suggests that he has been unfortunate not to score already, and perhaps the goals are coming right around the corner.

Now, before we look at his stats per game, its important to note that he has played a very limited number of minutes, which will obviously have an effect on his stats and distort our predictions of whether he will be able to sustain these numbers. That being said, he has an absurd 4.28 shots per 90 minutes, taking 7 shots in the game versus Brighton in Gameweek 28! To put this into context, Agüero averages 4.36 shots a game and is the best striker in the league. On the creative side, he also provides a respectable 1.43 key passes for his teammates per 90.

Next I will assess his shot locations. Its quite promising that most of his efforts come from inside the box, but he does seem to still fancy the occasional strike from range. One negative I would draw from this is that the chances he receives are not very high quality (xG <0.10), but this could improve as the squad warms to Brendan Rodger’s tactics.

To wrap this all up, I think that it’s very probable that while he may cool off a bit, the goals are coming very soon for Harvey Barnes. Especially at his cheap price of 5.5, you won’t be able to find better attacking value for the upcoming fixtures, where Leicester play Burnley (a), Bournemouth (H), Huddersfield (a) and Newcastle (H).

Shots/90: 4.28
Key Passes/90: 1.43
xG/90: 0.34
xA/90: 0.18

Verdict: Baller

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